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Your Abundant Life Awaits


The Phoenix Area Classical Feng Shui Specialist

Theresa combines her love for the real estate market with her passion for the study of metaphysics. She is a Feng Shui consultant.  Walking into every house you get a certain “feeling”.  That feeling is produced by energy.  The house you live in has a certain type of energy. The energy you are exposed to impacts your ability to create wealth, maintain a healthy mind and spirit, and in nurturing and cultivating harmonious relationships.  With Classical Feng Shui, Theresa helps her clients find, purchase and live in their house with a sense of well-being and flow of abundance.

Theresa understands that buying and selling a home is so much more than a financial transaction.  With more than 18 years of real estate experience, her business is built on dedication, communication, determination, and trust while providing personalized service for every buyer and seller.  Theresa's clients appreciate her attention to details from the first meeting to post closing.  She is caring and professional, always negotiating with her client's objectives at the forefront of every transaction.  Theresa enjoys taking the time needed to realize her clients desired outcome and offers a hand to hold every step of the way.

Theresa's real estate career started in Austin, Tx.  Arizona won her heart when she visited Sedona.  With two daughters living in California and Virginia, Theresa enjoys exploring Arizona with her high tech husband.  Theresa found her joy in Arizona by hiking various trails throughout the state.

When looking for a seasoned agent who really cares and offers you the added benefit of providing an "energetic" insight into the house you wish to buy or sell, Theresa is the agent for you.  Together, we will discover the Move that Moves You.

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Mountain and Water
are the two most
important environment forms for Good Feng Shui.

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