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Feng Shui Literally Means "Wind and Water"

What is Classical Feng Shui?

Energy (Ch'i)

To Be Happy, Healthy and Successful

Classical Feng Shui is a tradition that reaches back more the 3rd century with its current, mature form having been established 1500 years ago.  Classical Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is about aligning the vibrational energy, known as ch’i, in your exterior and interior environments to support the priorities important to you.  In other words, Feng Shui is the art of placement-balancing energy levels to cultivate positive ch’i in spaces where we spend so much of our time.  Creating an environment that is harmoniously attuned to YOU leads to improved health and family situations. 

Authentic Classical Feng Shui uses tested and proven mathematical formulas involving physical location, compass readings, landforms, building layouts, and time cycles.  Its very name means “wind and water” which signifies the two elements of flow.  It represents the directional flow of energy and nothing in the world is stagnant.

Ch’i is a cyclical, vital force of nature that is influenced by the five elements:  wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  When strategically placed, these elements raise the vibrational ch’i to attract favorable  circumstanced and/or reduce the ch’i frequency that draws in undesirable circumstances.  Overall, Classical Feng Shui promotes expanded awareness, happiness, a stronger sense of self, and increased success.  It is an art and science of BALANCING the natural forces such that they foster success, abundance, good health, and harmonious relationships.

What Classical Feng Shui is Not

It’s a pity that several inaccuracies and misconceptions have flawed the nature and character of Feng Shui. Understanding what Feng Shui is not is just as important as knowing what Feng Shui actually is.

  • Feng Shui is not derived from or related to any particular religion and neither does it preach or favor any religion

  • It is not a superstition or black magic

  • It is not related to the modern school of Feng Shui and it does not divide your property in eight life aspirations also known as the Black Hat Sect Theory

  • Classical Feng Shui does not encourage the use of “cures” or good luck objects like crystal lotus, bamboo plants, wind chimes, fu dogs, three-legged frogs, and dragon-faced turtles

  • It is neither a formula for instant success or nor a quick fix for your problems

Classical Feng Shui Begins With the Birth Date

In classical Feng Shui, the house’s destiny begins from the year the building was constructed and when the first human occupies the house.  This moment is when the man energy activates the house energy.  This is considered the birth of a home.  Just as astrologers cast a chart from the moment a person takes that first breath, Feng Shui practitioners do the same for buildings. So a classical Feng Shui analysis begins with the “birth date”.

How Can Classical Feng Shui Help Me?
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Modern science says that….”Everything is Energy.”  This energy force, or Ch’i, is everywhere.  A Ch’i pattern is formed in a building when it is constructed.  This same pattern continues to broad-cast it's specific energy throughout the life of the building in most cases.  The Ch’i in a building interacts with the occupants.  And, every year there is another kind of universal energy that comes in annually to interact with you and the building.  That is why Classical Feng Shui is such a key method used today.

Your energy is unique to YOU.  Your home or workplace also has its own kind of energy that is unique to the building. The basic principle of Feng Shui is to balance all these different energies.  A Feng shui consultant will specifically analyze these energies to see how they interact and work to set free any blockages or stagnant areas, thus ensuring that your space is beneficial, not in conflict, and acting against you.  In addition, a Feng Shui Consultant will look for certain types of positive ch’i formations within your house or workplace and ACTIVATE those energies to amplify good fortune, prosperity, and abundance.

Once you and your surroundings are in harmony and not in conflict, life runs smoothly, allowing you to be in the right place at the right time and to always take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

This is the essence of what a traditional Feng Shui consultant will examine throughout the course of a consultation.  By using simple, subtle cures we can bring harmony into every aspect of your life (including relationships, wealth, health, vibrancy, and well-being).

Are some houses NOT a good fit for ME energetically?

Yes, there can be certain houses or offices that you are NOT aligned with energetically.  That means your ch’i  is in conflict with the core energy of the house.  Living in this energy can cause you to have an unstable state of mind which will make you feel stressed, anxious, and constantly worried.  In life, you do not seem to know what you want.  Living in such an environment can affect your health and your sleep.

In addition, there are certain Feng Shui Flying Star combinations to watch out for when buying a house.  When these combinations show up in the kitchen, bedroom, and in the home


office, it can cause unexpected accidents, setbacks in wealth, lack of sleep, and/or illness.

The BEST way to avoid this from happening is to consider not buying a house you are not compatible with energetically or it has undesirable star combinations in the key areas of the house.  It is so much easier to identify these potential problems ahead of time than to face potential problems after you move in.  By knowing, you can wisely choose what is best for you and your family.

Energy in the Phoenix Area

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Welcome to Arizona!!!
  You'll love it here.

Abundance of Ch'i in the Valley of the Sun

For external forms, mountain and water are the two key features to have for good Feng Shui.  A mountain is static and stable.  It represents power and support.  Water, in any of its forms, represents flow and thus associated with wealth and finances.  Having a solid mountain behind where you live gives support and protection.  It is a foundation for good health and harmonious relationships.

In the Phoenix and metro area, we are extremely lucky to have an abundance of mountain ranges located throughout the valley.  Depending on the shape and quality of the mountain or mountain ranges, a different type of energy can influence the people who live close by.  The best way to get a sense of the type of energy is to take time to "feel the energy" by hiking the mountain or walking in the surrounding neighborhood.  Allow the energy of the mountain to speak to you.

Natural water is harder to find in the Phoenix Metro Area.  Unlike a mountain, bodies of water can be produced by building a swimming, a



water pond, a water fountain.  Fortunately, so many of the houses in the area already have a swimming pool.

In areas where there are no mountains or bodies of water, we use the concept of modern Feng Shui.  Large structures or tall buildings are considered mountains.  Streets are considered as water.  In all analysis, natural formations are best.

Did you ask the saguaro if it likes the energy here?  Well.... a mature saguaro cactus commonly lives to be about 200 years old.  An adult is considered to be about 125 years of age and can be as tall as 50 feet.  Saguaro is the largest cactus in the United States.  It thrives in this area.  In fact, Saguaros are found exclusively in the Sonoran Desert.  Arizona has strict regulations about the harvesting, collection or destruction of this species.  It is an iconic cactus.  It is valuable, costing up to $100 per foot.  Saguaros are loved by everyone.  So, I think that answers the question.

Mindful Buying

Happy House = Happy Life

There are many key environmental and physical factors that go into selecting a Feng Shui house.  Steps will be taken to observe and understand the environment, the location, the facing direction of the house, the house layout that best serve and support you. This is a proven formula that calculates your personal relationship with the surrounding ch’i.  Ultimately, living in a good Feng Shui house helps you to create overall well-being including your health, relationships, and financial wealth.

When we find a house you like, I will prepare a preliminary report that evaluates the Feng Shui of the house before you submit an offer.  The first step is to make certain that you are compatible with the house you wish to purchase.


When your offer is accepted, I will complete a full Feng Shui inspection during the conditional period (assuming a floorplan is available).  Combined with the results from your house inspection, you can then decide if you wish to proceed with purchasing the property.  Some conditions may apply.

Once you choose to move forward, my team and I will help you take the necessary steps towards a smooth closing.  One of my greatest pleasures in life is to help you find your way HOME


Mindful Selling

Time to Move Forward

Sometimes events in our life suggests that it is TIME for a new beginning.  A decision to say farewell to a space filled with years of memories or perhaps held as an investment may come with an emotional attachment since change is happening. 


A mindful selling process will prepare you for the new changes ahead.  I have a four-step selling process that will help you attract a potential buyer for your house and help you move. 

1) My expertise in real estate will ensure that your property is priced appropriately for the market. 

2) I will use the concepts of Feng Shui to ensure positive energies are flowing smoothly within the house and around the premises.  The goal is when a potential buyer walks into the house, a welcoming energy is felt. 

3) I will calculate an auspicious date to start marketing your property.  Remember timing is everything.

4) Lastly, I will calculate an auspicious date for your move to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


With new beginnings are new opportunities

Mindful Living

Happy Mind = Happy Life Enjoy being in the Moment


Acting mindfully is crucial for attaining your goals.  Being mindful means doing things with your full attention and intention.  This includes looking at the big picture and understanding the consequences of your actions on a grand scale.  When you do this, you will find miracles in everything you experience.

Rather than be frustrated about business competition or an unsatisfying relationship, use that energy to change your mental perspective of the situation so that you can take positive action.  The moment you are able to appreciate the challenges in your life, they will cease to obstruct you and instead, propel you forward.  If it were not for problems, we would never learn how to come up with solutions.

It is not always easy to change the sometimes destructive attitudes and perceptions that subconsciously control our actions.  However, without changing these internal perspectives, we become our own worst enemy and create obstacles of defeat for ourselves.  It is often the wrong perception that makes challenges seem like hardships rather than powerful life lessons. When you are mindful, you will find that everything is connected and nothing is impossible.

Remember what is most important in your life.  Mindfulness not only benefits your personal life, but it benefits the lives of others. 

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