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Is Arizona a Good Feng Shui Location to Live?

What if I told you that 70% of Chi (also spelled Qi) comes from the natural environment. The vital life force energy of where we live and where we work are greatly influenced by the natural environment that surrounds it. If the natural environment produces immense positive

energy, it can enhance and activate all the positive elements or stars in your Feng Shui chart. Natural energy (Chi) comes from mountains and water. Are there places where you’ve visited that takes your breath away or gives you a deep connection from within? When you look back at your experiences, how many of those places have been either mountain ranges or bodies of water? (Havasupai Water Falls, Grand Canyon)

Arizona is the home of deserts and canyons. What a picture-perfect depiction of what you would imagine the Southwest would look like. Home of one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, the Grand Canyon is a majestic display of Mother Nature’s beauty and radiates an enormous amount of chi. In addition to the Grand Canyon, Arizona has an abundance of natural mountains or mountain ranges throughout the state. In total, there are 22 Arizona National Parks for visitors to discover and enjoy. The landscape varies dramatically as one drives from the northern parts of Arizona where Monument Valley and Grand Canyon are located to the southern portions where Tucson and the Coronado National Forest are found. The landscapes also vary from the east side of the state to the west. Many people who do not know Arizona are surprised at how many National Forests and rivers flowing throughout the state. See the attached map.

Speaking of energy….did you know that there are two major earth’s energetic locations in the United States. Mt Shasta, CA is known for being the earth’s Crown Chakra and Sedona, AZ is one of ten major Vortex sites around the world. If you follow esoteric belief systems, energy vortices are where an increased amount of energy enters the earth or emanates from it. Energy vortexes offer a wave of positive energy to all who enter their sphere. People who tap into this energy report feelings of intense vibrations and improvement in physical and mental health. To many people, the feeling can be very subtle. For others, you may feel a

tingling sensation throughout the body, a moment of clarity, or a gentle shift in consciousness. You may also find yourself creatively inspired, giddy, or extremely relaxed. In Sedona, there are seven vortexes. Each has its own unique energetic vibration and experience. Here is link to the Sedona Vortex Adventures where you can learn about each of the seven vortexes.

There is no surprise that 4.5 million people visited the Grand Canyon in 2021 and approximately three millions people visited Sedona. No doubt these two extraordinary places are breathtaking for the mind, body, and spirit. Because of the abundance of mountain ranges across the state, the powerful mountain chi can be felt in most areas across Arizona. The natural formations of mountain offer stability and strength. It also provides support, security, and protection for the entire household. Mountains play an important role in the quality of your relationships with others. In another blog, I will discuss and describe how different mountain shapes, sizes, and vegetation determine the kind of energy it influences.

Mountains can also attract support and success in the office. Arrange your office where the desk and your back is supported by a wall. Arizona provides wonderful opportunities to invest in passive income especially in real estate. Applying the same concept, support is provided in the bedroom when you sleep against a wall or a solid headboard.

In the modern world, natural mountains can be replaced by buildings. If you live in a house or condo in a city where no mountains are nearby, building fit the purpose as well. In this case, you have to consider the height of the building. It is best to have height of the building behind you be taller than the building you live in.

Also in the modern world, natural water can be replaced by swimming pools, water fountains, or a pond. When you do not have any of these, the road in front of your house represents flowing water. Water represents wealth. It is best when water is located in the front of your property as it represents wealth flowing into the mouth of chi (front door of your house). It is equally important that your house is not located at the middle of a “T” intersection or a cul-de-sac. On the contrary for a business, a “T” intersection is preferred.

The best way to fully experience whether or not you would like to live in Arizona is to spend some time in the area. The first time I visited Sedona I was completely drawn to the energy. It was calling me to come back. After many years, I followed my inner guidance to move to the Phoenix area. Every day, I am reminded why I made a fabulous choice to live in Arizona.

Give me a call before you visit. I will be happy to show you around or recommend places you can visit.

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