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Mountain Energy - Can you FEEL it?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Every mountain and mountain range radiate their own unique energy. Next time you are around a mountain, close your eyes for a few minutes to connect with the energy. Ask yourself how you feel and how is the mountain influencing you.

For Xuan Kong Feng Shui, there are 9 major types of mountains and 2 types of water. A mountain has one hill and a range of mountains is called a dragon. What mountains and dragons really affect in the environment is PEOPLE. It can cause changes in people’s attitudes, abilities, and character. It is something to be AWARE of when choosing to live in a close proximity of a certain type of mountain.

As long as you can see the land form from your home or office, you can be influenced by the energy. The farther away the land form, the less the energy. If you are touching the side of a mountain, the energy may be too strong. There is always a happy medium. The size is the mountain is also important. Needless to say, the larger the size the stronger the influence.

Mountains that are lush from vegetation will support you with opportunities for growth.You may feel a sense of abundance and well-being.Mountains that are dry, rocky, rough, and jagged may radiate energies that are more challenging, difficult, and tough. Some people thrive in this environment. Perhaps a good energy for business tycoons.

How much the energy influences you will be dependent upon on how strong the environment chi is, your personal BaZi (Chinese Life Blueprint) chart, your house Feng Shui chart, and how sensing you are to the energy around you?

The best way to find out is to gauge how you feel when you spend time in this energy. You can provide the best assessment. To get a deeper understanding on how the energies influence you and your family annually, you can hire a Feng Shui and BaZi consultant like myself to analyze your chart and the house/office chart.

Here’s a summary of the 9 types of mountain formations and a detailed description of each formation. When driving around, take a look around to see which ones you can identify. Sensing and connecting with energy takes time to develop. Energy is like a Wi-Fi signal. Pay attention to your internal “antenna” to sense the energy. You may need to calibrate and fine tune it to receive the mountain’s “signal”. The more you open yourself to receiving the signal, the easier the process gets.

Greedy Wolf Star – Associated with Star 1

This mountain is elongated shaped and it is a little slender looking.

This mountain is deemed auspicious.

It governs nobility, helpful people, wisdom, and status in life.

It is related to spirituality, innovation, and recognition.

Huge Door Star – Associated with Star 2

This mountain looks like

People who live under this influence will usually be wealthy.

-- They are successful entrepreneurs who are able to create opportunities.

-- They have the ability to generate income, especially from real estate and property-related industries.

Rewards/Resource Star – Associated with Star 3

This mountain range has many legs.

It is called Runny Legs, as it has to be SHORT.

Good for people in competitive sports or physically active sport people.

Also good for people in physically demanding careers and indirect income.

Literary Arts/Academic Star – Associated with Star 4

This mountain range from the side view looks like waves.

Has irregular mountain tops.

People under this influence will be smart and skillful.

Governs literary, scholastic, and academic pursuits.

Suitable for research activities, artists, and musicians.

Chastity Star – Associated with Star 5

This mountain looks like the tip of a fire torch or candle.

It has sharp tips that tilts to the side.

It is one of the most fierce and powerful stars around.

People who live under this influence are stronger and braver.

The influence gets stronger if the mountain is more rugged and/or rocky.

-- Rarely found in huge residential areas.

-- It is said that if you come across one by chance when trekking or hiking, it is a good omen of great thing to come.

-- High chance of producing leaders, kings, and spiritual leaders.

Military Arts Star – Associated with Star 6

This mountain looks like an oval or a semi-circle.

Influence people to speak/communicate and motivate others.

Star 6 represents financial management and high ranking officials.

Broken Soldier Star – Associated with Star 7

Mountain with long legs. It has a military nature to it.

The longer the “legs”, the more powerful the influence.

This is good star to have for surgeons and medical practitioners who are involved in surgeries.

It is associated with unconventional victory over establishments.

Left Assistant Star – Associated with Star 8

It is considered as a secondary wealth star.

It governs stability and trustworthiness.

It is good for people who are involved in accounting, managing money, small business owners, etc.

Right Assistant Star – Associated with Star 9

This mountain is a smaller flatter version of the Military Arts Star.

It governs qualities such as justice, loyalty, and altruisms.

It also governs blue collar workers, office workers, and decent stable income.

Now that you know what the 9 major mountain formations look like. The following photos are some mountain formations around the Phoenix metropolitan area. See if it looks like any of the 9 major mountain formations. When you identity the formation, the best way to validate the accuracy of the energy is to spend time at the mountain itself.

Camelback Mountain

Cougar Shadow at Superstitious Mountains

Lost Duchman, Superstitious Mountain

Piestewa Peak Area

Piestewa Peak Area

Westwing Mountain, Peoria

Calderwood Butte, Peoria

McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Scottsdale

White Tanks, Surprise

If you have any questions, feel free to give me call. If ever you would like to have a hiking buddy to check out any of the mountains, I would love to go with you. Together, we can check out what energy the mountain is sending out.

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