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Position Your Desk For Success

Whether you are working from home or working from an office, your work desk is your seat of power. If you’re anything like me, you probably invest many of your waking hours at your desk. Think about all the important activities you perform at your desk. For work, you are developing your career, generating income and collaborating with others. And for you personally, you are researching investment choices to grow long term wealth, learning new skill sets for self-improvement, and learning how you can add value to other peoples' lives. Think of this space as an essential thinking area. Wouldn’t you want to cultivate this space for success?

Work From The Best Sector For You Personally

In classical Feng Shui, there are eight life sectors in your house based on your date of birth.

The four yang sectors are Creation & Wealth Palace, Health & Well-Being Palace, Social Charisma Palace, and the Identity Palace. The four yin sectors are Adventure Palace, Likeability Palace, Spiritual Palace, and the Trials & Tribulations Palace. For this particular person, this shows where her palaces are located in the house she lives at. Depending on what your goals are you can strategically choose which area of your house you would like to set up your work desk. Strategically, you can choose to work in the Creation and Wealth Palace to give you an extra boost utilizing this energy. On the flip side, you can choose to avoid working from the Trials and Tribulations Palace. Working with an Classical Feng Shui consultant can assist you in identifying where these specific palaces are located in your house.

Have a Dedicated Desk and a Dedicated Room

If possible, put your desk in a separate room that is used only for work. That would be ideal. If you do need to put your desk in a multi-functional space, try to choose a room other than the bedroom. Having your desk in your bedroom can be a distraction when you are trying to work. Bedrooms are for yin energy. Working in the bedroom stirs up Yang energy and it may be harder to wind down at night for a good night’s sleep. If a desk in the bedroom is the only option, do what you can to separate the space with a room divider, bookcase, or curtain, and be sure to put away your work supplies at the end of each day.

Sit in a Commanding Position

Sitting at your desk, can you see the door to the room without being directly in line with the

door and does your back have a supporting wall or structure? This allows you to feel more in control of your life and your career. From this position, you are able to see anything that might be approaching and you can feel something solid supporting you. If you can’t set up your desk in this way, you can place a mirror so that you are looking at the reflection of the door while sitting at your desk.

A good exception is if you have a beautiful view outside your window especially if it is a water feature like a lake, a fountain, or a pool. Active water produces wealth energy. By facing and sitting in front of your window, you are able to connect and draw in the inspiring energies from the external forms.

Avoid These Types of Work Spaces

Always protect your head space. Your brain (where your crown chakra is located) is where you get your best inputs of creativity, inspirations, brainstorming ideas, and much more. Avoid sitting at a space where you have a structure (staircase, shelves, ceiling beams, etc) directly above your head. Good flowing energies are suppressed. Subconsciously you may feel stuck or depressed.

Most people forget to look for “Sha Qi’s”. It is translated as “Killing Energy”. It is also known as “Poison Arrows”. Sha Qi’s are sharp pointed energies directing at you or at your desk area. In an office environment, Sha Qi’s can be found on corners of shelves, corners of tables, file cabinets, desks, plants, etc. When you find a Sha Qi, you can move or remove the furniture or cover up the sharp corner.

Other Recommendations to Bring Feng Shui Into Your Office

· Keep your office space clean

· Avoid clutter as much as you can

· Allow natural light into the office

· Hang inspiring images and objects in your office space

· Choose to sit in the right office chair

· Avoid furniture or objects with sharp angles

· Listen to uplifting music in the background to promote focus, concentration, and productivity

· Place oxygen producing plants with round leaves to boost mental strength, immunity, and energy levels

Our environment influences the way we feel. It is important to know and understand the energies that surrounds our everyday life. And it is equally important to utilize the positive energies to support what we choose to achieve.

To find out what is the best room to set up your home office and some recommendations on how to arrange your room, contact Theresa Chai at

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